349 Chapel Heights Drive,
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V9C 4A6
E-mail: info@cadsi.ca
Phone: +1-250-4786175
Fax: +1-250-4786170

Canadian Allied Development Services International (CADSI) is an international corporate consulting firm specializing in healthcare, social services, education and training. CADSI also develops, manages and implements socioeconomic development projects.

We are champions of global collaboration, strategically positioned to partner with organizations to gain and sustain mutual benefit and to provide services to society in general.

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, we support and collaborate with clients in Canada and internationally.

To assist our clients through a collaborative effort in developing and implementing strategies that will increase efficiency in resource management and improve quality of service.

CADSI’s work is based on a belief in equity and cultural diversity, which includes respect for the capacity of our clients, the ability of their employees as well as the opinions of the customers they serve.

We operate with these values:

  • Responding with respect to the needs of our clients and the customers they serve
  • Developing collaborative working relationships with the people who will implement the process
  • Treating an organization’s employees with fairness and respect
  • Striving to maintain a fair, objective, and comprehensive perspective
  • Believing in the dedication and competence of client organization’s staff
  • Supporting continuous improvement of our clients
  • Respecting racial, cultural and religious diversity
  • Recognizing a social responsibility in everything we do


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